• Recent Lab Publications

    Here are some of the recently published lab research projects. Please see Dr. Ayers' Google Scholar profile for a complete list of her publications.

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    How do you build the perfect friend? Evidence from two forced-choice decision-making experiments

    Published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships in April 2024.

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    How genetic conflict theory can inform studies of human nature

    Published in Perspectives on Psychological Science in February 2024.

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    COVID-19 and friendships: Agreeableness and neuroticism are associated with more concern about COVID-19 and friends' risky behaviors

    Published in Personality and Individual Differences in October 2023.

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    Competitive scenarios increase competition in women: A meta-analysis

    Published in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences in early 2023.

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    A factor analytic examination of women's and men's friendship preferences

    Published in Personality and Individual Differences in February 2023.